Unlicensed Course Material

It should be understood that under no circumstances should training modules developed in-house by JSP-Teleconsultancy be unlawfully used in technical courses delivered at other training institutions or companies without our prior knowledge and without a license agreement in place with us.

If training institutions desire to have up-to-date course material delivered during their training courses, then it is necessary to enter into a license agreement with JSP-Teleconsultancy.

Any training institution or company that is employing any JSP-Teleconsultancy training modules or courses in part or in full without a license are asked to stop doing so immediately. It should be noted that these Training modules were developed by JSP-Teleconsultancy at our own expense over many years. Our course material is updated every 3-months to ensure courses are up-to-date. In this respect we have active participation in many working groups and are actively involved in the  definition of many specifications. Training institutions who profit from  our course development without a valid license agreemnet with JSP-Teleconsultancy in place should be warned that it is forbidden by law to deliver any copyright material without prior written consent of the developer.

Infringements will initially trigger a written warning to the establishment concerned, followed by legal action if the crime repeats itself.