• We admit to having a few unfortunate experiences in the past with some establishments taking too much of an advantage of our kind  good-willed nature to assist. We also learned the hard-way about  over-keen project managers without scruples making promises when help is needed to ensure work for their project milestone  is completed  on time only  to conveniently forget or deny this after the work has been consigned.
  • We are not a big enterprise and so when we commit resources from our company we do this with our heart because we believe in what we are doing. Establishments that do not maintain their word we work with only once.
  • We have now introduced a company policy to only initiate work on new projects when there is a signed contract or purchase order in place. The weekly or monthly project status reports that we provide have the objective of informing a client of the progress and effort consumed to date. Once work has been accepted by the client, we can’t continue to commit resources to an extension of the project at the request of a project manager unless there is a contract in place or there is  a signed commitment to extend  an existing contract duration and associated resources.
  • Saying this we should emphasis that the majority of our clients are very satisfied with our work and tend to return to us with any future consultancy work.
  • As there is no-longer an ATM voice standards focal point, we do our best to cover this role nowadays and to answer all technical queries via email in a short a time as possible, but our response depends on current work load.  We estimate that offering this free service does cost us 1 man month per year.